Karl Wheeler

Here are all the appropiate adjectives:

co-pastor, forgetful, scooter rider, golfer, funny, insecure, gregarious, ADHD, christian, advocate

 fundamentalist, speaker wannabe, conformist

I have tried to be really nice guy for 51 years.  I worked hard to get people to like me. I want to try something different for awhile. I want to say out loud what I have felt so long, and to be honest.  I will lose some friends, but make new ones along the way. I don’t want to argue anymore, I am too tired. So here goes…

If you like church as it is, this is going to bug you. If you believe the average church accurately represents the heart and intent of Jesus, not for you. If you don’t notice the oppression, exclusion and abuse of power evident in the modern church don’t waste your time.

The rest of us are going to dream of a new way…


3 Responses to Karl Wheeler

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  2. Kay Marks says:

    Hi Karl. I’m a friend of Kathy on Facebook. She gave me your link. I totally agree as we see the same in Australia. More people are leaving the ‘church’ as it is and trying desperately to find another way. Unfortunately, the dreamers have been left bereft and are isolated. We are trying to find a way to find these lost ones. Interesting times we live in, hey.

    • karlw says:

      nice to meet you! i am so sorry i did not see this, i was taking a bit of a break, regrouping/thinking through the blog thing. i think it is sadly true that dreamers are often seen as a threat…

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