Holy Lip-Lock

I spoke this past weekend at my former church! They put the wrong title on the video, but no biggie, Holy Lip-Lock will work. I tell some of my story of sobriety and what I believe is the primary way Jesus heals our wounds–kissing! (no worries, hopefully not what you might be thinking).  It feels a bit weird asking you to watch me, but oh well, i put on a clean shirt and brushed my teeth…

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10 Responses to Holy Lip-Lock

  1. You instigator, you. I’m trying to picture your receiving line after this one… “Should I even offer my hand? Where’s my chapstick? Honey do you have a mint?” Seriously, I love (and miss) hearing you share your story, and the way you nudge us to deeper, truer love towards one another. I’m soooo happy I get to see you tomorrow at the Refuge, and super happy I packed a travel sized Scope. Pucker up pastor! 🙂

    • karlw says:

      yea, baaabbyy- oh i miss you guys! i will not be there satuday night. it was really an amazing response- a pretty conservative church but they made me feel very loved.

  2. judybonnell says:

    Hey Karl, I’ve heard a lot of people say they loved your sermon! ( I’m one of them). I think BV does a great job of offering grace in spite of being somewhat conservative. I wonder how many churches have an anti trafficking group where women goes over to homes where women in recovery live to spend time with them and wash their feet? How many conservative churches will have people go on AIDS walks? How many churches have a multi housing ministry to lower income apartments and stick it out so that policemen are saying”wow, crime is going down in this area, thank you for being here.” I guess I get a little weary of the word conservative, because it’s mostly said in a negative way- like we are fundamental wackos! I know you didn’t mean it like that) One of our pastors has been in prison and now has a prison ministry.
    Please come back soon to preach again, you always give us something to think about!! Since i have some lung issues with some stubborn bacteria that never goes away, I probably won’t be kissing someone on the lips, but I get your point! I’m not contagious, but if someone has a lowered immune system they might have a problem. In fact, Wayne is such a germaphob he will hardly kiss me on the lips!
    P.S. I love your sense of humor!

    • karlw says:

      i was so happy to be back! humility trumps theology, and that will create a safe and warm environment. for me,it seems that those who are certain, especially on more minor issues, that theologically bully those who see things differently define the word fundamentalism for me. that is what i escaped and mostly help the victims.
      i love all the crazy ways God is using BEar Valley. a real treat for me. bummer about the kissing, but as i hope i said on sunday, hopefully more than one way to skin that cat!

  3. kathyescobar says:

    so good karl, loved it!

  4. Mon K Puzzle says:

    I really enjoyed your message, easily the most thought provoking I’ve been to in a while (hope the other pastor’s don’t read your blog). Glad its online, I’ll be sharing with a few other folks.

    • karlw says:

      i admit i fear that i will alienate folks i respect and love. it was a hard choice to voice some thoughts and not worry about who approves. thanks for the kind words

  5. Very, very wonderful. And so true. I had just been meditating on intimacy with Jesus when I read a review of Ann Voskamp’s book, 1000 Gifts. Apparently she rubs some people the wrong way with her pursuit of intimacy with God. Then you post this. I love how God confirms that certain things I wonder about are from Him.
    I never would have thought I was a candidate for a 12 step program. But I kept going to church, looking to be kissed, but it wasn’t happening. I started to become frustrated in my search for “the right” church. I’ve found the church of my dreams in Recovery. (I know I keep saying this, but it’s still so exciting for me!)
    Humility trumps theology. There’s not a lot of humility in the Christian blog world. Thanks for being refreshing. And quite loveable!

  6. karlw says:

    it is nice to know i am loved. i am excited with you for your journey. it is funny, we have often heard the refuge referred to as a “recovery church” as though that was a niche ministry. it is church.

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